Your patients deserve the best treatment and the technicians in the Hudson Valley Dental Lab are committed to providing it. In our dental crown lab, Hudson Valley Dental makes its crowns and bridges using only the best porcelain fused metal, full-cast, or all ceramic materials. Combine superior materials with our team of experienced technicians and you have crown and bridge manufacturing that is…

  • Accurate and precise
  • Looks great and functions properly

And Hudson Valley Dental does it without compromising on durability!

How we achieve success

It begins with selecting the right materials for every dental crown and dental bridge. We use the best alloys, porcelain and cast materials that are available. Quality materials ensure that what we manufacture is built to last. Include the latest digital technology and Hudson Valley Dental is able to produce durable, aesthetically-driven restorations, time after time without compromising quality.

Give us a call

Do you need more information? Hudson Valley Dental is happy to discuss any aspect of the manufacture of a dental crown or dental bridge. It’s part of our commitment to finding a perfect solution for your patients. We believe that communication and customer service are core components to delivering optimum dental work to all our customers. Call us at (845) 831 2216 to talk about how we can help you.

Dental Crowns - Our Products

  • Porcelain Fused Metal

    Porcelain fused metal (PFM) restorations create a unique balance of strength and aesthetics in crowns that make it the material of choice. PFM crowns can be used on anterior and posterior teeth and have become the leading form of restoration. Consisting of an inner metal shell topped with durable porcelain crown, PFMs offer affordable long-lasting solutions for patients.

  • Full Cast

    Full-cast crown restorations are fabricated from gold metal alloys and continue to to be a popular choice of material for dental crowns and bridges, even though composite and ceramic materials offer more modern alternatives for restorations. Full-cast crowns are durable and generally won’t cause irritation to the gums. Crowns manufactured with high noble gold and/or other metals are also more likely to resist oxidization and can help prevent the build-up of plaque on the gums.

  • All Ceramic

    This dental restoration is made by using 100% ceramic materials. Ceramic crowns have a luminosity that mimics the look of a natural tooth, making it a popular choice for crowns and bridges. Ceramic materials are frequently used for crowns and bridges that will appear in highly visible areas of the mouth.