Despite advancements in dentistry particularly with regards to ceramics and composite materials, one form of restoration remains popular and that’s the full cast crown. He Hudson Valley dental lab is often asked to fabricate full cast crowns and not without good reason. So what is a full cast crown?

In essence, a full cast crown is a tooth restoration which has been cast fully in alloy (usually gold or silver in color). Restorations made in this manner offer a strong and durable choice for patients. In fact, crowns made with high noble white and gold alloys and/or non-precious metals have the ability to resist oxidization and therefore corrosion, while offering a good level of bio-compatibility with the gums. In addition, a full cast crown can also help prevent plaque build-up along the gum-line.

Full Crown Indications

Superior strength and durability means that they can be used anywhere in the mouth.
Ideal for areas where occlusal space is limited.

Full Crown Contraindications

There are other better options available for patients in need of a partial bridge
Considerations should first be taken in those with a metal allergy


Can be used as single crowns or multi-unit bridges, as well as for inlays and onlays
Long-term wear characteristics
A long history of success
Available in yellow and white gold alloys
High marginal integrity and durability
Proven longevity
Great choice for para-functional patients

What about the advantages?

Full cast crowns have a long history of success (over 100 years)
Flexible options – Can be used for inlays and onlays as well as multi-unit bridges
Excellent long-term wear characteristics
An ideal choice for parafunctional patients
Available in yellow and silver colored alloys

What about the disadvantages?

Some patients prefer a seamless look when it comes to aesthetics. As such, a full cast crown made in Hempstead won’t be for them
Price volatility – Because gold fluctuates in price on a daily basis the price of a full case gold restoration can vary drastically. This can make it difficult to persuade a patient to opt for this type of restoration.

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