At Hudson Valley Dental Lab we design and fabricate a wide range of fully customizable, protective mouthguards for a variety of situations. Whether your patient is seeking a sports mouthguard for braces or a teeth grinding mouth guard for night time protection against bruxism, let us create a bespoke mouthguard that offers comfort, fit, and overall protection.

Fabricated directly from a cast of the patient’s teeth, our custom-made mouthguards are by far the best choice to protect teeth against the rigours of a contact sporting activity or from habitual dental problems such as teeth grinding. Available in a wide range of colors and with 6 degrees of protection, we offer a protective mouthguard for every situation.

Our adult and youth mouthguards for braces can help protect against lacerations to the lips, cheeks, and chin as well as guarding against displaced, worn, or broken teeth. So if your patient is looking to protect their smile with a football mouthguard for braces or a teeth grinding mouthguard then why not give us a call to see just how we can help.

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Perfect for those undergoing orthodontic treatment and needing mouth protection
Ideal for those who want to protect teeth during sporting activity
Excellent for wearing in conjunction with a variety of orthodontic brace systems


Sports mouthguards for braces should not be worn as an alternative to nightguards or TMJ splints

Advantages include:

Fully customized to offer the very best comfort, fit, and protection
Our modern designs make everyday tasks like breathing and speaking easier
Fabricated especially to absorb and redistribute any blows and/or excessive bite pressure
Color-customized for preference or for team color selection

Want to find out more about our range of sports mouthguards for braces or customized teeth grinding mouthguards to protect against bruxism? Get in touch today!