Nobel Biocare is one of the pioneers of the dental implant industry and has been successfully manufacturing dental implant and implant-based products for over 60 years. With more than 3000 products to help dentists treat patients with missing teeth, the company offers some of the most innovative and cutting edge implants and products on the market. From state-of-the-art Nobel Biocare angled abutments, through to innovative tapered and conical implant connections, Nobel Biocare implants in Hempstead are some of the best you can get.

As a forward thinking dental Lab, we can partner with you to assist with planning, fabrication, and designs for any Nobel Biocare Implant case. So why not work with us and let us show you just how we can help.

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Indications include:

Cutting-edge technology allows for speedy osseointegration
Light but durable nature offers the perfect solution for retaining an overdenture
Proven implants backed by decades of research

Contraindications include:

Sufficient bone volume is needed in all patients to support the anticipated functional load
Nobel Biocare Implants in Hempstead shouldn’t be used on people who are medically unfit
Evaluation of all patients is necessary prior to implant placement to ensure no underlying factors which may put the procedure at risk.


Clinical success since 1965
Speedy Nobel Biocare USA Implants designed for 4 on 4 immediate loading treatment.
One implant brand covers a wide variety of needs such as Nobel Biocare angled abutments for difficult to access areas.
Years of research has resulted in a brand that gives superior stability and excellent aesthetics – Even in compromised bone situations!


Cost – Nobel Biocare Implants in Hempstead are often more expensive than other brands.
There is stiff competition, so a Nobel Biocare implant might not be the product of choice for every dentist

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