MIS was founded in 1995 and over the past quarter of a century has offered a comprehensive range of dental implant solutions and products aimed at making implant dentistry faster, safer, and more predictable. The MIS V3 Implant for example, is designed for primary stability and speedy osseointegration and is particularly effective for use in anterior regions where both space and bone may be limited.

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Indications include:

V3 implant is good for anterior areas where space and bone are limited
Suitable for all indications and bone type

Contraindications include:

Lack of patient motivation to maintain good oral hygiene can cause problems for implants
some conditions or habits may compromise healing


MIS Implants in Hempstead area a popular brand with global reach so parts are easy to come by
They are well suited to a variety of clinical applications
Speedy osseointegration is aided by a receptive implant surface
Ground-breaking design means greater aesthetic results
Primary stability can be achieved quickly due to rough surface design
MIS USA implants represent good value for money which can be passed onto the patients if necessary.


Hexed open-tray impression copings can mean that fitting is more difficult for less experienced dentists
MIS dental Implants may lack the array of implant prosthetics that other more established companies have.